Sunday, 14 April 2013

Wandsworth Festival

The Wandsworth Heritage Festival runs from 30 May to 16 June, a fortnight of events and exhibitions (CLICK for details and booking information, where necessary). The high spot is a new exhibition of Wilhelmina Stirling's Battersea art collection, which opens at the De Morgan Centre on 1 May (CLICK). BBC News has posted a brief history of the collection with a snippet of video in which Huw Wheldon interviews Wilhelmina Stirling on ghosts in her house for Ken Russell's short film made for Monitor (CLICK). Wilhelmina Stirling was the younger sister of Evelyn Pickering, who married potter William De Morgan. Her collection includes paintings by Pre-Raphaelites Holman Hunt and John William Waterhouse, as well as by Evelyn De Morgan, one of the few women in the "brotherhood". She also collection De Morgan pottery and 16th and 17th century furniture. Shown is William De Morgan's Heron and Fish dish.


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