Thursday, 2 May 2013

Native Art Magazine

Here's a novelty: the First American Art Magazine. You can read the pilot issue online for free (CLICK). It's a bit highfalutin, but basically it's a vehicle for studying indigenous American art from ancestral to contemporary. The cover painting is Erin Shaw's striking Be Prepared (2011). She's a Chickasaw–Choctaw.


At 2/5/13, Blogger America Meredith said...

Thanks for mentioning us! If you are interested in Indigenous art in England, please check out Rainmaker Gallery in Bristol and the British Museum in London—both are committed to showcasing the finest contemporary Native art in the UK.

America Meredith,

At 3/5/13, Blogger Ian Cox said...

Hi, America

I'm glad you liked my post. Thanks for the tips.

I followed Survival International's case on behalf of the Hopi Indians:

The Horniman Museum and Gardens in London is worth a mention. It has an extensive anthropology collection:

I wish you well with the magazine. It looks very good.


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