Monday, 6 May 2013

Sean The Sheep

Having this evening watched a repeat of Nick Park's Wallace & Gromit in A Close Shave (1995) - the only programme worth watching in the otherwise dire bank holiday TV schedules - I was reminded that Sean The Sheep is to star in his own movie. The lad first bleated in A close Shave, when Gromit was framed for sheep rustling and needed Sean and the flock to rescue him. Above is Sean standing beside Wallace's motorcycle, wearing his pullover (he did indeed have a close shave and needed that woolly to keep him warm). He has since gone on to star in three extremely successful children's TV series, sold around the world, with a fourth in the pipeline for next year. We await the movie with baited breath (CLICK).

Shaun The Sheep & Flock Dance (2008)


At 7/5/13, Anonymous Andrea said...

It's too short. Even when I clicked on the other pieces, there still isn't enough of Aardman. More please.

At 7/5/13, Blogger Ian Cox said...

Find them yourself on YouTube or the BBC's iPlayer.


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