Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Terrorists in Woolwich

You've heard the phrase "caught red-handed". This is what it means in reality. The graphic is a still from an ITV exclusive video which shows an Islamic nutter before he was shot by police in Woolwich, south-east London. Garbled details are still coming in. According to local MP Nick Raynsford, the victim was an off-duty soldier from Woolwich Barracks. He was wearing a Help For Heroes T-shirt. The attack took place in John Wilson Street at about 2.20pm. The two killers drove their car at the soldier, probably killing him instantly, judging by the crumpled state of the vehicle. They then got out and beheaded him, using long knives and a butcher's meat cleaver. They shouted the Islamic slogan which translates as "God is great". When police arrived, one of the killers produced a gun and they both ran toward the police. They were shot and wounded and are now under arrest in hospital. One of them is from Nigeria, where Islamic group Boko Haram has been under attack by the Nigerian army. COBRA meets again tomorrow (CLICK).


At 23/5/13, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My condolences to the soldier's family.

At 23/5/13, Blogger Ian Cox said...

Yes indeed. It would have been bad enough for him to have been killed in Afghanistan, but to be murdered in the safety of the UK is doubly tragic. His name and photo have been released.


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