Monday, 16 September 2013

Aussie Art at RA

The Royal Academy of Arts in London seems desperate to import unfamiliar art that might drag in the punters at inflated ticket prices. This year it's tried Mexican naive art and bling from Africa. Its latest exhibition is Australia, which opens on 21 September (CLICK). This will be the first major survey of Australian art in the UK for 50 years, spanning the period from 1800 to 2012. Top of the Aussie icons is Sidney Nolan's boring and incompetent Ned Kelly (1946). This is one of two hundred paintings, drawings, photographs and multimedia thingies to encompass the length and breadth of Australian art. What about the movies? The exhibits will have travelled halfway round the world from the National Gallery of Australia (CLICK), but I still think ticket prices of £14 adults and £13 silver surfers are OTT.


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