Saturday 5 October 2013

Matisse Cut-Outs

I call Tate Modern "Tate Passé" because this seems a more appropriate term for a gallery which mainly shows soppy fashions in so-called "art" that came and went in the last century. Its next major exhibition is a perfect example: Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs, which opens next April. Shown is his child-like cut-out Blue Nude (1952). Due to illness in the last decade of his life, Matisse found it increasingly difficult to paint. So he invented cut-outs, around 120 of which Tate will bring together for the first time from museums and private collections around the world. In late 2014 the show will move to New York. At £16.30 for adults and £14.50 for silver surfers, this is an absolute rip-off, but I suppose rich punters with no feeling for art will want to be seen promenading around the show (CLICK).


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