Sunday 1 June 2014

The Nuba

For those of you who've never heard of the Nuba, let alone Leni Riefenstahl, here's a YouTube video of her among the Nuba decades ago: Ein Traum fon Afrika (The dream of Africa) Vol. 1. Don't worry about the German title. There is no narration, just Nuba music and singing in stereo! To learn more about Leni Riefenstahl CLICK.


At 1/6/14, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The last I heard the Nuba are now forced to wear fully covering clothing as directed by the Government of the political country into which their territory was absorbed.

That YouTube video visit was probably the swansong of their indigenous culture.

At 1/6/14, Blogger Unknown said...

Yes. I thought I'd post the old video because it's now an important historical record of a lost culture. I looked at another video of the Nuba dated last year and, as you say, they are now all wearing voluminous African clothing. They could be in any part of the continent. Lost identity, lost culture. Shame.

At 2/6/14, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The famous Masai warriors of Kenya are also being forced to cover their traditional bare buttocks when they go to the big cities.

At 2/6/14, Blogger Unknown said...

At least they can uncover their buttocks when not in the big cities, unlike the Nuba. Not that I'm defending the government of another very dodgy African country.


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