Thursday, 17 July 2014

Art Everywhere

Yesterday in Waterloo Station, central London, Grayson Perry and Sir Antony Gormley posed for photographers to launch Art Everywhere (21 July to 31 August). Sir Antony is trying to look extra butch beside cross-dresser Perry, who's wearing a half-tartan dress masquerading as a Scottish kilt, probably the safest outfit he could wear in a busy public space. Art Everywhere celebrates British art with thousands of posters showing off the work of British artists, allegedly chosen by the public. I write "allegedly" because the public were only allowed to choose from a shortlist compiled by a group that knows more about British art than do most people. Would you have chosen by name Philippe Jacques de Loutherbourg or Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger to represent British art? David Hockney's My Parents (1977) proved the most popular (CLICK).


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