Thursday, 17 July 2014

Vagina Kayak

The latest controversy to hit the art world is the arrest of Megumi Igarashi (she calls herself Rokude Nashiko, which means "no-good girl" in Japanese) under obscenity laws. The charge is that she sent a client data that could be used to make a vagina-shaped kayak using a 3D printer. Here is Megumi Igarashi looking cute in her vagina-shaped kayak. She has made several pieces of art based on her genitals using a silicone mould, saying she wants to make vaginas "more casual and pop". Two years ago she published an art book Deco Man (decorative vagina). There is confusion over her use of the term "vagina". She may mean "vulva". There is also confusion over the police charge. Japanese fuzz claim she emailed a URL containing the vagina data to a male office worker in Kagawa Prefecture on 20 March. A URL is merely a web address. And why wait so long before making an arrest? Don't tell me it took all this time to print out her Vagina Kayak. Surely 3D printing isn't that slow. Whatever the police case, Megumi's arrest has sparked a fierce debate in Japan over vulvae in art (CLICK)


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