Sunday 3 August 2014

Amazonian Indians

The Telegraph has posted a video supplied by Brazil's Fundacao Nacional do Indio (FUNAI) indigenous affaires department showing an initial contact between an Ashaninka native and previously uncontacted Amazonian Indians on the banks of the Envira River, Acre state, Brazil, near the border with Peru (CLICK). The Ashaninka native wearing shorts hands out bunches of bananas to the "uncontacted" tribesmen as a friendship offering. The tribesmen have obviously had some form of contact before, because they wear baseball caps back to front, shiny leather belts and knives; also one tribesman carries a modern axe and one even carries a gun. They report a massacre by non-Indians who shot at them and burned their huts. So many died that they couldn’t bury them all and their corpses were eaten by vultures. Illegal loggers give short shrift to Amazonian Indians they encounter.


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