Wednesday, 8 March 2006

Google surveys the Nation

A recent survey by Google found that Britons with internet access spend more time surfing the web than watching TV: average internet use 164 minutes per day, average couch potato use 148 minutes per day. Greater London users (that's me) show the highest surfing at 181 minutes per day. Men use the internet more than women: averaging 172 minutes per day against 156 for women.
Can you blame us chaps for deserting the idiot box? It's dominated by female stuff: chat shows, soap operas, politically correct feminist nonsense and anti-male propaganda such as "Men Behaving Badly". When is the BBC going to demonstrate its claimed political impartiality by producing "Women Behaving Badly"?
On a much more serious note, statistics show that more than 40% of child murders are committed by women. And experts on both sides of the Atlantic agree that at least 25% of child sexual abusers are women. Yet, according to TV, these crimes are mainly if not exclusively committed by men. Thanks for the brainwashing. I'm off to the internet.


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