Tuesday, 28 March 2006

London's loos, a reply

Jennifer Rock, Public Liaison Officer, has replied on behalf of the Mayor of London. Basically she says he's keen on public loos, but has no power over local authorities to stop the great loo selloff. "...where able, he uses his planning powers to insist that toilets are provided in new public facilities, like Camden Town tube station and White City bus station." He also "prioritised the provision of free and fully accessible public toilets in the remodelled Trafalgar Square." (You can tell our Jennifer is a public liaison officer, because she uses enough long words to confuse at least 50% of the public.)
So who is going to stop all our loos vanishing by 2012, when we host the Olympic Games and thousands of extra bladders and bowels? Tony Blair? Friend Gordon? If you care about loos, click the link for more info.


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