Monday, 27 March 2006

Split Infinities reviewed

Les Edwards - Dragonsblood
No apologies for showing Dragonsblood again (with the artist's kind permission). I viewed Split Infinities on Saturday and can report that it is well worth visiting. Having seen only small versions of Les Edwards' work on paperback covers and as computer graphics, I was surprised at how lightly painted the originals are. I'm used to old masters trowelling the oils on. Les uses paint so thinly that it seems like dry brushwork, with the dimples in the canvas board clearly visible. These are hidden when the painting is reduced in size for publication. So this is a rare chance to see fantasy art techniques in the raw. It's a must for anyone keen on painting.
Also, Les has annotated the exhibits with personal notes on, say, why he envisaged Conan the Barbarian differently to the many fantasy artists who have painted this subject before. So, even if you're more interested in the books than the cover art, you'll find something to enlighten you.
Two points I failed to mention in my previous blog: Les paints artwork for horror novels as well as for fantasy and sci-fi, and he has won the British Fantasy Award for Best Artist five times!
Split Infinities continues at the Redbridge Museum in Ilford until 29 April. Don't miss it. For details click the title link.


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