Sunday, 30 April 2006

New Art Competition

Artperiscope logo
Coxsoft Art has just received an e-mail invitation to submit entries for the Artperiscope First Internet Artwork Competition, theme The Light. At first I thought this was another scam, so I searched for Artperiscope on other websites. I found two Continental art blogs that had posted the same invitation I'd received, dated 23 and 24 April 2006, then an art website displaying the attractive logo shown above. Call me naive, but I can't imagine the Nigerian Mafia coming up with anything this artistic. Convinced, I took the plunge and visited Artperiscope. It looks good. So, if you fancy entering this competition, click the title link. Each entry costs $30. The winner will receive a cheque for $1000 and will have up to 20 artworks displayed at Artperiscope for one year.


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