Wednesday, 31 May 2006

Springwatch Live Festival

Sumatran Tiger (photo)
The BBC used to be an aloof corporation that broadcast Radio and, later, TV programmes. Recently it seems to have been taken over by toffs who want to organize events in the community, do good works and hobnob with the Proletariat. Saturday 3 June will see a BBC Springwatch Live Festival popping up somewhere near you. The London version will be in the Bernie Spain Gardens, from noon to 6pm. My only reason for mentioning this is that there will be a wildlife artist named Gary painting piccies there. I saw him sketching a Sumatran tiger at London Zoo on London TV News today. Don your wellies for cleaning the Thames and other Nature activities. (Bagging dog poo?) There'll be music and DJ Tony Blackburn to make sure no wildlife turn up to spoil the family fun. No charge: your TV licence pays for it! Click the title link to visit socially aware Moneybags BBC and see its elegant map.


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