Wednesday, 14 June 2006

London's ugliest building

The Gherkin
As its nod toward Architecture Week, BBC London News has called upon Londoners to vote for our ugliest building. I was surprised when the Gherkin popped up in the short list! For the benefit of foreigners - about 50% of the London population - I should point out that the proper name of this elegant, phallic, iconic, space-age erection towering above London is the Swiss Re Headquarters. My guess is that this monument to the God of Fertility is being denigrated because of a combination of Brit. prudishness and our loathing for the Gnomes of Zurich. I mean, how dare these bloody gnomes stick their rude phallus into our skyline! Coxsoft Art is determined to be objective. Not only is the Southbank Centre the ugliest building in London, but also it looks the most likely venue in which to get mugged, either by the Arts Establishment or by yer average drug-crazed yobbo. To cast your vote, click the title link.


At 19/6/06, Blogger Jacoblog said...

Looks more like a bullet.

At 19/6/06, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Come on! That is one fat bullet. You'd never squeeze it down a barrel. Maybe a jumbo beer barrel....


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