Tuesday, 13 June 2006

Madame Tussauds

Waxwork of Kylie Minogue (1999)
As a complete contrast to the previous blog, here's an icon of modern female sensuality captured by an artform I haven't mentioned before: waxworks. And no, this isn't a photo of the real Kylie Minogue; it's a waxwork in Madame Tussauds, London, UK. The anonymous artists who create these works will never earn the fame and fortune enjoyed by the leaders of the Anti Art Movement, but then they won't have Coxsoft Art blowing raspberries at them. Small consolation, I must admit. Click the title link to visit Madame Tussauds website and watch Kylie fly past (Flash Player 8). Warning: don't visit the Shayne Ward page; it crashed IE6.
Hope you're still doing well, Kylie.


At 19/6/06, Blogger Jacoblog said...

Man, I've missed so much!!

I would love to visit the wax museum; although I don't think that really looks like Kylie. Some of the others I've seen (online) are more accurate...still, how cooL!

At 19/6/06, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Hi, Jacoblog. Where have you been for the past week? Weggis has been glued to his TV watching something called "football" and he's only sent me one comment. It feels like I'm talking to myself.
Beautiful women are difficult to capture (artistically speaking). At first glance Kylie looks like any other movie star, but once you know it's Kylie you recognize her. She's more dynamic in most of her photos; the waxwork is in a ladylike pose on an evening out. Not quite Kylie, is it?

At 19/6/06, Blogger weggis said...

Today 19th June, 22:00hrs marks the point where we change from 3 matches per day to four, except they are played in simultaneous pairs. This means I will be trying to watch two matches at the same time, one on TV and one via the internet. I've been training hard, you have to be fit to be a footie fan. If BAE SYSTEMS Hawk T. Mk.1s painting the sky white and red is performance art then so is football, true a lot of it is Tate Modern but when the good stuff pops up it is exquisite. You'd love it. Players come onto the field giving the religious cross symbol and then blatantly cheat. The managers only see fouls committed by the other side. One guy elbows another and breaks his nose, then wonders why he's been sent off. The WAGs all look like waxwork dummies as do the England team. But we are still there.....

At 20/6/06, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Ho, ho. I watched us win in '66, because my father was a West Ham supporter and half the England team were Hammers. They knew how to play footie. Now it's just spoilt millionaires worrying about their metatarsels or whatever the damned things are called. Forget it. If I've got to watch millionares play, it's Wimbledon for me.

At 20/6/06, Blogger weggis said...

Wimbledon have moved to Milton Keynes and are now known as MK Dons, unless you mean ping-pong during which fortnight my TV is decomissioned.
My, you are bad at maths - 3 out of 11 is not "half".

At 20/6/06, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

There is only one Wimbledon: the All England Grass Court Championships.
Bobby Moore and Jeff Hurst made up half the team. I can't remember the third. Was it Nobby Styles? Reason I recall Bobby and Jeff so clearly is that my mother used to alter their trousers for them! No kidding. She was an alteration hand and dress maker working from home. Bobby and Jeff used to fill the house when they came to have their trousers altered. Big lads! You don't realize how big they are when you see them on the football field.
Isn't there a big match on tonight?

At 24/6/06, Blogger weggis said...

Nobby played for Man Utd. The other one was Martin Peters who left WHU for Spurs shortly after and ended up at Norwich. He can still be seen in the directors box at Carrow Road alongside Delia Smith. Now there's an artist, and you can eat it.
A few years ago I met Geoff Hurst in Baskins up the High Street. Bobby is at rest under a Magnolia Tree in the City of London cemetery.
A giant in more ways than one.

At 24/6/06, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Bobby and Jeff were perfect gentlemen whenever I met them. You wouldn't have thought they were footballers. Not modern footballers anyway.


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