Monday, 12 June 2006

RIBA Lubetkin Prize

Petr Weigl - Er...Penguin Pool?
The Royal Institute of British Architects has announced the three finalists for the new Lubetkin Prize, awarded for "the most outstanding work of architecture outside the UK and the European Union by an RIBA member". (Hey, RIBA! I hate to tell you this, but Great Britain is a member of the European Union, so "outside the EU" is all you need to write.) Prize-giving takes place at the annual RIBA bash in the London Hilton Hotel on 23 June, the lowlight of Architecture Week. Sasha Lubetkin will present the winner with a "cast concrete plaque, based loosely on her father’s design for the Penguin Pool at London Zoo." (Concrete? No thanks, luv!) Possible Coxsoft Art scoop! The unnamed object by Petr Weigl shown above might be a penguin paddling pool. Could this fanciful lightswitch be the new Lubetkin Prize?


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