Sunday, 11 June 2006

RA Summer Exhibition

Michelangelo - Tondo Taddei
Tomorrow sees the opening of the 238th Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, the world's largest open contemporary art exhibition, which features paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints and architectural models. Prize money up for grabs totals £70,000, but the prestige of exhibiting at the RA Summer Exhibition is enough for most artists. This year's theme is "From Life". Ignore the monstrosity in the courtyard, if you can. Don't forget to visit the Michelangelo Tondo Taddei (there's a larger version of this graphic on Coxsoft Art). The exhibition ends on 20 August.
P.S. Coxsoft corrected. Damien Hurst isn't a Royal Academician (see May blog on his monstrosity at the RA). I'd confused him with David Hockney, another exponent of the Brit. Anti Art Movement.


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