Monday, 31 July 2006

Charity Commission corrupt?

New Chair: Dame Suzi
Hard on the heels of the Charity Commission's crass failing in allowing Tate Modern to buy a load of elephant dung from a trustee for an astronomical £600,000 and to retain its charity status comes a Panorama exposé - Faith, hate and charity - which proves beyond any shadow of doubt that a UK charity has been raising funds to support the Muslim Fundamentalist terrorist organisation Hamas! (The programme also implicated Red Ken's favourite sheikh.) American officials are gobsmacked by the Charity Commission's incompetence. They were too polite to accuse commissioners of corruption, but the question must be raised. Incompetence on this scale is unbelievable. So, will the Police investigate the Charity Commission to find out how many Rolls-Royces its staff drive and how many of them own palaces? Or will the Old Boys Network prevail? Click the title link for the BBC version of this story.
Footnote: Tomorrow, Dame Suzi Leather DBE (photo) becomes the new Chair of the Charity Commission. What a doll! What an innocent face! The perfect front! Hey, Suzi! You sure about joining this bunch of plonkers?


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