Saturday, 19 August 2006

Frieze Art Fair

Solar Shuttle in Hyde Park (2006)Today the postman brought me a copy of Summertime 2006, a free guide to what's on in London's Royal Parks. The good news for Londoners about to strangle their offspring is that there is much for kids to do, for instance a ride on the brand new Solar Shuttle in Hyde Park. The bad news is that the only art exhibition - the Frieze Art Fair in Regent's Park, from 12 to 15 October - is insanely overpriced: £18 on the gate! Booking in advance wins you a concession, but there's an advance booking fee to pay! Clearly the organizers want to exclude the riff-raff. I can take a hint. This is London's only international contemporary art fair, and 150 art galleries will be exhibiting. Imagine 150 stalls selling cloaca-machine produce? I'm not wasting my cash to find out. Money to burn? Go for it.


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