Sunday, 17 September 2006

Kate Moss connasewer!

Kate Moss (left) and dead quail (right)UK model Kate Moss has started her own "art" collection. She's already invested £50,000 in contemporary "art", including £10,000 spent on two pieces by alleged artist Polly Morgan: 1) a stuffed quail chick in a foetal position in a matchbox When We Were Children and 2) a blue tit lying across a prayer book To Every Seed His Own Body. Talk about one born every minute! Hey, Kate, Coxsoft Art had to clear up the mess left on the lawn by a fox dining on a wood pigeon; I've still got the claws if you want them. They'll each fit into a matchbox. To you, only £5000. That's two for the price of one. A snip. Need a grave title. What about Won't tap dance no more? Seriously, Kate, do yourself a favour and give up on the art lark before any more birds get stuffed.


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