Saturday, 30 September 2006

Lori Hersberger

Lori Hersberger - Sunset 184 (2006) wall installation with neonAs you know, Coxsoft Art isn't struck on so-called "modern art", most of which looks as though it was slung together by a cowboy plumber who couldn't pass his Corgi test, but here's an exception to the rule: Lori Hersberger's Sunset, a wall installation with neon tubes. It's a real eye-catcher. Frozen lake? Posh strip joint? My first ever job was as a messenger boy for an art studio above the Casino de Paris (a strip joint) in Soho, London. Neon signs, glittery mirror tiling, USA sailor uniforms and furtive little men in gabardine macs always remind me of that place. This installation features in Art Forum Berlin, the international trade fair for contemporary art, which began today at the Berlin Exhibition Grounds and continues until 4 October 2006.


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