Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Artists' Top Ten

1. Lucien Freud
2. Howard Hodgkin
3. David Hockney
4. JMW Turner
5. Antoni Tapies
6. Rembrandt
7. Jack Vettriano
8. Barbara Rae
9. Frank Auerbach
10 Van Gogh
This is the result of a poll of 500 contemporary artists conducted by The Great Art Fair. It's a strange, inconsistent mixture: Jack Vettriano - spurned by the UK Art Establishment - sandwiched between Rembrandt and Barbara Rae. (Who?) Why Lucien Freud at No. 1? I guess any artist who paints horrible nudes and can persuade Kate Moss to pose in the nuddy deserves an award for brass front. Only one clot out of the 500 voted for Damien Hirst. None of them voted for Tracey Emin or Chris Ofili. Makes sense: who defined these two as artists? Anyway, it's all good publicity for the inaugural The Great Art Fair, which opens in London at Alexandra Palace on 30 November. Click the title link for details.


At 28/11/06, Blogger Sarah said...

Wow! just saw your blog about the Great Art Fair. Did they put this picture with the release? I was accepted to their art fair but then I received an email stating that I could not show my nudes. They're censoring my art and what makes me really mad is that my nudes are no more explicit than Freud's "Kate Moss". What do you think? My nudes can be viewed at

At 28/11/06, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Hi, Sarah
I first picked up this story on the BBC website, which showed the Kate Moss nude! Go to
to see it. If the Beeb can show it, I can't see any reason why other nudes couldn't be shown at the Great Art Fair. I'll have a look at your nudes this evening (work calls) and get back to you.

At 28/11/06, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

That URL didn't come out right. here it is again, broken up:
Copy the 3 lines and reunite them.


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