Saturday, 17 February 2007

Gilbert and George

Gilbert and George - Fates 2005Don't laugh. It's Gilbert and George at Tate Modern giving a two-finger salute to mad Muslim bombers. I can remember when these two buffoons hung about in art galleries and called themselves "living sculptures". Since then they've developed their own artistic style - a chunky stained-glass window look - which BBC TV copied for a recent advert for Swan Lake. (Hadn't you noticed?) It looks like they're bucking for sainthood. Do saints give two-finger salutes? Ask the Pope. He's the one who's supposed to have a direct telephone link to God. The show opened on Thursday and continues until 7 May 2007. Admission: £10, concessions £8 (a measly 20% discount). Forget it. These prices are a joke!


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