Sunday, 27 May 2007

Calligrapher Shot Dead

Zoomorphic Calligraphy in the Shape of a Fish (artist unknown)In the world of commercial art they're called "lettering artists". In the Islamic world they're called "targets". Yesterday, Khalil al-Zahawi - Iraq's leading calligrapher of classical Arabic script - was shot dead by gunmen outside his home. Why murder an artist? Do Muslim Fundamentalist gangsters need a reason to kill anyone? He wasn't one of them. That's enough. I've illustrated this post with a beautiful example of zoomorphic calligraphy: lettering forming the shape of an animal, in this case a fish. Don't ask me what it says.


At 30/5/07, Blogger kathrine said...

The Calligrapher Shot Dead in Iraq. There is a war on in Iraq. Poor unsuspecting country which has never hurt us has seen its children carpet bombed, roasted, tortured and their lungs fried by chemicals dropped on them by our great nations. Good job those nasty Muslims are too defenceless to hurt their enemy which is us. Buddhists say, experiencing pain makes you wiser and enables you to understand. Let’s hope you don’t find yourself conditions where any collaboration with invading forces results in whole neighbourhoods being wiped out. Perhaps you have not heard that Muslims world does house the most beautiful Calligraphy in the world.

At 31/5/07, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Hi, Katherine

Talk about a blinkered view! In case you hadn't heard, there's a civil war going on in Iraq, and the gunmen who murdered that master of calligraphy were your innocent Muslims.

And yes, I did know that calligraphy is an artform in Muslim countries, and there's an excellent reason for that. Islam frowns on representational art. Therefore traditional Muslim artists have played safe by doing as much with their lettering as they can. Look at the riots, violence, murder and death threats that exploded over a few cartoons of the Prophet. No artist is safe in an uncivilized Muslim country. They know it, if you don't.

Have you heard of Darfur? The atrocities, the genocide, against innocent African tribespeople are being committed by an Islamic government. Arab Muslims have been trading in black slaves for centuries and they are still doing so! They've set up concentration camps in which African tribeswomen are tortured and raped.

And don't forget all those Russian schoolchildren rigged with bombs and then killed. Muslims terrorists.

Did you read about the kidnap victim whose Muslim captors made a 12-year-old boy saw off the victim's head with a knife?

I suppose you've already forgotten the Muslim suicide bombers in New York and London.

Take off your blinkers and see the world as it is.


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