Sunday, 27 May 2007

Art4Heart News

Art4Heart News LogoThe latest Art4Heart News shows 70 thumbnail graphics which represent the work of those 70 contemporary artists who have been featured by Art4Heart since May 2006. It's an impressive collection. Over the past year, Coxsoft Art News has featured nine of these artists: Wayne Paige (CLICK), Liron Sissman (CLICK), Dirk Monteny (CLICK), Stefanie Rocknak (CLICK), Martin La Spina (CLICK), Etienne Saint-Amant (CLICK), Siddiqua Shahnawaz (CLICK), Domen Lombergar (CLICK) and Diana Miller-Pierce (CLICK). What is so refreshing about Art4Heart News is that it gives us a glimpse of what genuine artists are creating in Europe and America, while shunning all that gimmicky anti-art tripe which hits the headlines to give contemporary art a bad name.


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