Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Gormley's Blind Light

Antony Gormley - Blind Light (2007)Coxsoft Art first warned you about Antony Gormley's Blind Light back in March (CLICK). Now it's here, at the Hayward Gallery, London, and BBC News and BBC London News have got all excited about it. Don't ask me why. It's just a glass room full of fog. Why devalue the term "art" by calling a box of fog "art"? Let's call it what it really is: a novelty for kids raised in a clean environment. It's nothing like those pea-souper killer smogs which blotted out London when I was a boy. Without the threat of coughing your heart up or of walking into a London bus crawling the other way, it's nothing. Killer smogs were yellow. If you survived them, they were an exciting experience. They turned boys into men. For Gormley's pale imitation, the Hayward expects you to pay £8! Anyone prepared to pay £8 to grope around in a box of fog needs a psychiatrist ... or some naked companions. The first couple to have sex in there, please email me.


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