Monday, 28 May 2007

Happy Birthday, V&A

V&A 150th Anniversary (2007)London's V&A Museum is 150 years old this June and has chosen to mark its anniversary by asking 150 "leading designers, architects, photographers, fashion designers and artists, including ... Tracey Emin..." to add a page to an anniversary album. What? Tracey Emin! Couldn't the V&A have found a real artist? Guess not. The best it could come up with was "Anthony" Box-of-Fog Gormley. That's another institution which can't spell your name, Antony! (Trust Coxsoft Art News to get it right.) The pages of this album will be displayed in the Grand Entrance from 26 June and on the V&A website from 11 June, before being bound. Wow! Do you ever feel that the Brit. Art Establishment lives on another planet?


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