Sunday, 2 September 2007

Titus Agbara in Ilford

Titus Agbara - Self-Reliance (2007) with the artist's permissionI previewed Scapes From Africa last Sunday (CLICK). Since then, Titus Agbara has kindly e-mailed me a graphic of one of the paintings he will be exhibiting at Central Library in Ilford, Essex (east London, according to the BBC). The exhibition opens tomorrow, Monday 3 September, and closes at 4pm on Saturday: six days only. Admission is free. Judging by this charming scene of African village life - Self-Reliance (2007) - the exhibition is well worth a visit. If you can't make it, click the title link to visit the artist's website. You'll find drawings and watercolours as well as oil paintings.


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