Tuesday, 22 January 2008

From Russia Hung

Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin - Bathing of a Red Horse (1912)The From Russia paintings have arrived and have been hung in the Royal Academy of Arts. BBC London News crept in, filmed a few French paintings and interviewed some old duffer from the Brit. Anti-art Establishment who thought that Matisse's The Dance was the most beautiful painting in the world! Where do they find these myopic twerps? Answer: the Royal Academy of Arts. Where were the Russian paintings? The BBC wasn't interested. Nor, it seems is, the RA. Click the title link to see a Gauguin and that laughably incompetence Dance. Such has been the hype on this show that the punters will flock to see it. As far as Coxsoft Art is concerned, this is the Damp Squib of the Year. If I were Russian, I would be deeply offended by the lack of interest shown in Russian art. The show opens this Saturday 26 January. Book. Better still, don't bother.


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