Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Pigs Taboo in UK

Shoo-fly - Piggy Builder (2007)Those politically correct half-wits of the Labour Loony Left are at it again. They've rejected an award-winning digital book on CD-ROM that features an updated version of a classic children's story Three Little Cowboy Builders, because "the use of pigs raises cultural issues"! It might offend builders as well as Muslims! For God's sake! This book has already won a prize at the recent Education Resource Awards, but the Bett Award panel gave it the bum's rush. So, writers and artists, beware that Britain is fast becoming an Islamic state and we mustn't offend those foreign nutters who are taking over our country. I guess we'll be banning pig-farming soon. No more crackling or apple sauce. No more spicy pork sausages. Hell!


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