Monday, 25 February 2008

Duchamp, Ray, Picabia

Francis Picabia - Femmes au Bull-Dog (1940-42)The latest exhibition at Tate Modern is Duchamp Man Ray Picabia: The Moment Art Changed Forever. "Moment" is pushing it a bit, unless the Tate means that moment when Marcel Duchamp gulled the art world into accepting a mass-produced urinal as his own work of art: Fountain (1917). Remember The Emperor's Clothes fairytale? It isn't all urinals, though, as you can see from Francis Picabia's cosy cheesecake Femmes au Bull-Dog (1940-42). Love that Brit. pooch! This gathering of works by Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray and Francis Picabia continues until 26 May. A must for art historians and folks who still believe the Emperor isn't strutting about in the buff. Watch out for Duchamp’s Nude Descending a Staircase No.2 (1912) which caused Yanks to throw wobblers in 1913.


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