Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Grand Theft Auto Crime

Screenshot from Grand Theft Auto IV (2008) I.C. enhancedLast night's midnight release of Grand Theft Auto IV has already sparked a minor crime wave in the UK! In Croydon, south-east London, a "light skinned black man aged about 21 ... wearing a light grey hooded top" stepped out of a queue waiting to buy the game and stabbed a passerby for no apparent reason. Just another homicidal paranoid schizophrenic loose on London's streets, I guess (CLICK). And in Yorkshire, two white thugs broke the nose and jaw of a teenager who had just bought the game, which they stole (CLICK). What did Coxsoft Art say a month ago about the release of Manhunt 2? It "will no doubt be played by every 7-year-old in the ghettos as soon as older brother steals a copy" (CLICK). So much for Europe's PEGI classification (title link). But the artwork is great.


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