Sunday, 27 April 2008

Harmony In Alaska

Qi Feng An, Di An, Qing Liu and Zhe An (China) - Arctic Village (2008) photo: Tula BeltonMy online visit to the World Ice Art Championships at Fairbanks, Alaska, is late this year. Maybe that's not a bad thing, considering Tibetian protestors have been giving the Olympic torch the raspberry around the world (and more power to their elbows). Unlike the Olympic jamboree, ice art in Alaska is apolitical, and the People's Republic of China has enjoyed unprecedented success with this entry: Arctic Village (2008) by Qi Feng An, Di An, Qing Liu and Zhe An, photo by Tula Belton. It won the Governor's Choice Award, the Artists' Choice Award and gained 2nd place in the Multi-Block Classic Realistic category. At first glance you might not think it's as good as previous winners I've featured (CLICK, CLICK, CLICK), but look closely. There are creatures swimming in that block of ice: a polar bear, fishes, a seal! How on earth...? And can you think of a better way of promoting Green issues than this? Click the title link to view a larger image and to browse the entries.


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