Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Buon Fresco Project

Luca Battini at work on a preliminary painting (2008)Italian artist Luca Battini has embarked on a huge project that will take him an estimated three years to complete. He will paint a wall of the Church of San Vito in Pisa - 1,700 square feet - with eight scenes which depict the story of Pisa's patron saint Ranierus, and he will do so in true Renaissance style: buon fresco! That means painting wet plaster so the pigments are absorbed by the plaster before it has time to dry. It's a nightmare for any artist, a three-year nightmare in this case! The preparatory work must be impeccable to allow the artist to work at high speed. Battini's project is bound to create interest worldwide. Might it even lead to a 21st Century Renaissance in art? We certainly need one: rubbish is rife. Click the title link to read more.


At 29/8/08, Anonymous Anonymous said...

compliment to the initiative and the courage!
Artists like Rinascimento Masters? yes! We need it!

Alessandra From Italy

At 30/8/08, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Hi, Alessandra

I'm glad you agree. I'm keen to see how this project progresses. The preparatory work looks brilliant. He's putting portraits of local dignitaries in too, just as they did in the old days. What a task!


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