Wednesday, 27 August 2008

London Crime Maps

I.C. - Crime Rate Average (2008)BBC News Magazine has posted an item about the new Home Office in-thing crime maps (title link). What the article doesn't tell you is that the beta version of Metropolitan Police crime maps is already online (CLICK) and it's a disaster! When you give it a post code, it takes minutes to point an arrow at your house, then tells you that the crime rate in your home is average. No way, Met! It's zero. After a while this clever-dick mapping locked up my computer and I needed to reboot. You have been warned. The cost of this nonsense should be born by estate agents, because it will help them sell property in low-crime areas. High-crime areas? Forget it. They will be blighted until the crime rate comes down.


At 28/8/08, Blogger Colin D said...

Here's a less resource intensive crime map for London

At 29/8/08, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Thanks for the link, Colin.
I'll check it out.


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