Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Vandal Scandal Update

The Vandal And The Covered-up Breast (2008)The staff of BBC News website are back from their long weekend break and, hey, they've found the Italian Vandal Scandal, headlined "Berlusconi in breast cover-up row" (title link). The rest of the world read this news yesterday (CLICK). The Vandal looks very pleased with his aide's crass brushwork. Indeed he appears to be giving Truth the elbow. According to Auntie, this is a copy of Tiepolo's Time Unveiling Truth (ca 1743). That's not what I read: this is the original, moved from its home in a museum to adorn Silvio's press conferences! Why else would art critic Vittorio Sgarbi be outraged by Berlusconi's "crazy" vandalism?


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