Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Atari ST Graphics

I.C. - Art Tutor Title Screen (1990)Isn't it amazing what an artist can do with a palette of only 16 colours? Download this GIF and count the colours in XnView if you don't believe me. I resurrected my Atari ST recently (long story) and I've been running slide shows of some of my old graphics. This is the title screen for a program I wrote to explain how to get the best out of Atari ST graphics in 1990: Art Tutor. Talk about out of date! Modern PCs boast millions of colours. If you wonder why I moan about the poor quality of "contemporary" art, this is the reason. Antony Gormley, eat your heart out; I prefer my angel to your feeble version. Click the title link to see what I used to do with an 8-colour palette!


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