Saturday, 25 October 2008

Gods in Colour

Reconstruction (2006) of The Archer (500-470 BC)On the subject of the rediscovery of Greco-Roman statues during the Italian Renaissance (next post down), did you know that those old statues were originally painted? As the paint had worn off by the time they were found, the neo-classical tradition of statues in naked marble was born. Scholars in the 19th Century established the truth. Yesterday a unique exhibition to set the record straight opened at Liebieghaus Skulpturensammlung in Frankfurt: Gods in Color (sic) continues until 15 February. This heavily cropped photo shows a reconstruction (2006) of the original Greek statue The Archer (500-470 BC) credits: Vinzenz Brinkmann & Ulrike Koch-Brinkmann, Hermann Pflug, photo: Dieter Rehm. Click the title link to read the ArtDaily post and view the excellent full photo.


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