Sunday, 26 October 2008

Madonna Restored

Raphael - Madonna of the Goldfinch (ca 1506)Raphael's Madonna of the Goldfinch (ca 1506) will return to public viewing after a 10-year restoration. Marco Ciatti, head of the restoration team at Florence's Opificio Delle Pietre Dure, spent two years assessing the viability of repairs before work began. Why? In 1547 the home of its owner collapsed, breaking the oil-on-wood panel into 17 pieces. Ridolfo di Ghirlandaio nailed the pieces together and painted over the cracks. There have been other restorations since then. So, big job! Brilliant result. Click the title link to see the 3 main stages of restoration. The painting will be displayed in the Palazzo Medici in Florence before being returned to its home in the Uffizi Gallery.


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