Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Fractal Art

I.C. - Fractal Fire (slide show title screen 1997)Here's another graphic from my old Atari ST: Fractal Fire (1997). Again, this is a 16-colour GIF converted from an Atari PC1 graphics file, using XnView (CLICK). I'd found a neat little program that generated various fractals swiftly - the Mandelbrot set, Julia and some others - and allowed you to delve deeper and deeper into a fractal until you found an image you liked. It also allowed you to select your own palette. Once you'd saved your chosen screen you could load it into Degas Elite and cycle the palette, giving the impression that your fractals flowed across the screen. Beautiful. Play music, sit back and watch the slide show. If you want to know more about fractals, click the title link for the Wikipedia entry with illustrations of different fractal sets.


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