Monday, 15 December 2008

Robo Mop

Le Trung's 'Fembot' AikoThis Japanese cutie is the answer to Galatea, the perfect woman sculpted from marble by Pygmalion, King of Cyprus, who prayed to Aphrodite to send him a woman as lovely as his statue, and the statue came to life! That's the myth. Here's the reality. Her name is Aiko (meaning love child) and she's a combination of art, technology and advanced computer programming, created by Japanese Canadian Le Trung. Not only can Aiko do household chores, but also she is touch-sensitive, can recognise faces, can do maths, can read aloud, has a 13,000-sentence vocabulary in English and Japanese and will try to slap your face if you grab her! Cost? A mere £14,000 so far. And no divorce settlement. The perfect Christmas pressie, except she's not yet in production. To see a video of Aiko in action, click the title link.


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