Saturday, 25 April 2009

Rosewall Returns

Barbara Hepworth - Curved Reclining Form 'Rosewall' (1960-62)This 2.5 ton monstrosity by Dame Barbara Hepworth - Curved Reclining Form 'Rosewall' (1960-62) - returned to Chesterfield a few days ago. Royal Mail tried to flog it in 2005, but after a public outcry withdrew the sculpture from auction. Personally I would have been glad to see the back of it, but it had been cluttering up Chesterfield for 40 years and the locals had got used to having it around. After three years of haggling with The Art Fund, Royal Mail finally let Chesterfield Borough Council have it for £500,000. The developers of the Chesterfield Waterside project and the Per Cent For Art scheme also shelled out. What a waste of money!


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