Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Rocker Of The Year

The editorial staff of the Italian edition of Rolling Stone magazine unanimously selected spaghetti PM Silvio Berlusconi as Rock Star Of The Year, due to his allegedly debauched lifestyle "worthy of the greatest rock star". The cover of the December issue sports this cartoon depicting the ever-smirking rocker tearing up the Italian flag. Allegations of corruption, of wild parties, of infidelity with prostitute Patrizia D'Addario and possibly with 18-year-old underwear model Noemi Letizia (right) have all dogged the old boy's steps as he smirked his way though 2009. But he's as popular as ever, except with his wife Veronica Lario (left) who wants a divorce. If only British politics were this enthralling. All we get are dodgy expense claims, the usual forced smiles and ex-public schoolboys pretending to be green by peddling about on bicycles. It's pathetic. Give us some juicy scandal with young models, you Westminster plonkers.


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