Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Helen Bradley Record

Helen Bradley's naive painting Blackpool Beach sold for £144,000 at a recent Bonhams' auction, setting a new world record for this British artist. What I find intriguing is the artist's text for this painting.

‘Children,’ said Father and Mother, ‘You’ve had enough donkey rides for today, Tom wants to take them home, the tide is coming in quickly’ so George and I said goodbye to our favourite donkeys and joined Grandma, the Aunts, Miss Carter (who wore pink) and Mr. Taylor (the Bank Manager), who had just arrived to walk back with Miss Carter. But Mrs. Hope-Ainsworth insisted on walking with Mr. Taylor all the way home, which made Miss Carter very cross, and the year was 1906.

Better than your average blurb, Boo-Boo.


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