Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Dr Who at Olympia

Did you know that James Acheson, who designed the monstrous K1 robot for Doctor Who in 1974, has since won three Oscars for Costume Design: The Last Emperor, Dangerous Liaisons and Restoration? It's one of the facts in The Telegraph slide show of photos from The Doctor Who Experience at Olympia Two in London (CLICK). The photographer appears to have taken along the older brother of that Tiny Tots art critic I remarked upon recently (CLICK). The show takes off on 20 February and zooms along until 30 November, with family tickets for 4 starting at £46. However, if you have oodles of cash, you could go one up on the Joneses' kids by booking a preview ticket for 17, 18 or 19 November; booking opened today (CLICK). The title link takes you to the EC&O website.


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