Sunday, 20 February 2011

Sheila Hancock on Art

A programme on BBC One this evening at 6pm might be interesting: Sheila Hancock Brushes Up: The Art of Watercolours (title link). This is a 60-minute journey across Europe and India to find locations that inspired Brits to get out their paint brushes. I assume the programme was made to coincide with the exhibition Watercolour which opened a few days ago at Tate Britain (CLICK). It has an educational feel to it, but isn't so patronizing as the Tate approach. I can't imagine Sheila Hancock being patronizing. She's been a watercolour enthusiast since childhood; her father was an amateur watercolourist. My guess is that she will make a pleasant change from Auntie's usual fare of arrogant art historians with no intuition about art and cocky girl presenters with skin-deep hots for subjects they know nothing about. "Amazing!" they cry. Nobody can accuse the BBC of being ageist on this show!


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