Thursday, 17 February 2011

Video Game BAFTAs

From a statuette of Queen Nefertiti (next post down) to the contenders for this year's BAFTA video game awards, a jump of about 3,000 years; but it's all art. Only the technology has changed. As I don't play these games, I thought I'd explore the graphics of the seven contenders in the category Artistic Achievement - Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, Call of Duty, Black Ops, God of War III, Heavy Rain, LIMBO and Mass Effect 2 - and see if I could spot a winner. I was surprised to find that LIMBO is in black and white and that Heavy Rain incorporated some excellent full frontal nudes which were censored before distribution (see below). The artistic quality of all seven games is very high, but the graphic I thought outstanding is the above screenshot from Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, developed by Ubisoft Entertainment, Ubisoft Montreal. It succeeds in combining the beauty of traditional landscape with the melodrama of battle. Its depth perception is impeccable. So that's my tip for winner of Artistic Achievement. The awards ceremony takes place at the London Hilton on 16 March. Click the title link for the complete shortlist.


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