Friday, 18 February 2011

Emin For No 10

Prime Minister David Cameron has proved he is a philistine and a snob by inviting Tracey Emin to make one of her neon signs for No 10 Downing Street (title link). How much will her rubbish cost the taxpayer? Larry, the new mouser at No 10, isn't impressed (CLICK). He knows there are an estimated two rats for every human in London - that's about 16 million rats, some as big as Yorkies - and not enough rat-catchers to go around. Cats are mousers. If Cameron wants to catch rats, he needs a Jack Russell Terrier. Catching rats is what they were originally bred for, when cats proved useless. Note: if you don't believe that Tracey Emin produces rubbish, CLICK for The Telegraph slide show of her latest exhibits. I won't sully my blog with them.


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